Serengeti Plains

True to its name, Serengeti Plains stands as a cultural oasis for mind, body and spirit. From the moment you walk into this bohemian boutique, your eyes, nose and ears are assaulted with an abundance of stimuli that drips of the class, style and aesthetic that is Serengeti Plains. The challenge to Tech 9 was to transfer this very aesthetic into an online experience that would give users a taste of the in-store experience.

The Serengeti Plains website stands as a shining example of web development excellence. This full-blown ecommerce website has increased the shelf space of this Montclair, NJ based store to humongous proportions. The site offers a dazzling array of over 700 unique arts and "life" products and boasts a book database with over 90,000 titles. The site was developed using all open-source tools allowing a wealth of functionality and creativity to be released with small resources. Tech 9 developed a Flash intro that leads to a visually refreshing layout and design. The site then invites users to browse through numerous categories of Arts, Books and Life products. A simple and intuitive shopping cart application allows visitors to shop and keep track of items in their cart and leads them to checkout. Credit cards are accepted through a secure server using SSL transactions. Products are displayed with a price, picture description format with a "Tell A Friend" feature that allows users to send an email to their friends about a product they saw on Serengeti Plains.

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